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Here you can find most the frequently asked questions about our website here.

How do I sign up as a member?

On the main page, click on ‘ Register ’ in the login section, key in your account details and profile details. When done, click on ‘ Complete sign up ’ button. An activation link will  sent to your email. Check your email, click on the following link and now, you are as good as a member.

Can I change my password?

Yes you can. Go to your account, under ‘ Settings ’ , enter your current password, make sure your email address is up to date, then enter your new password under ‘ Change Password ’, then enter one more time under ‘ New Password ’. When done, click on ‘ Save Changes ’.

Oops! I forgot my password. What should I do?

On mainpage, Go to login page, click on ‘ Lost your password? ’, enter  your username or E-mail into the blank, then click on ‘ Get New Password ’ button. After that, check your e-mail, click on the following link and here pops up a new window. Enter your new password. When done, you can now login with your new password.

The username I want is not available. Do I have to choose a different one?

The username is unique to each visitor on the site. If the username you prefer is taken, you must choose a new one.

How do I change my profile picture?

After login, go to your account page, go to ‘profile’, select ‘ Change Avatar ’ , then browse from your files and select the your new profile image. After done, click upload.

How do I create topic in live forum?

You must login as a member before you can create topic in forum.

How do I insert image in forum?

You can insert images either from website URL or browse from your storage.

1.) From web URL -  Click on inset-image icon, type in the image URL, then click insert.

2.) From storage – Click on Attachments bar which located lower side of the content box, browse from your storage, you can add another image by click on ‘ Add another file

I can’t find the e-comic section, where should I enter?

Go to Education –> Childhood Education –> Digital Storybooks. Click on the comic and you’re ready to view.

How do I play the interactive games?

First, go Education -> Childhood -> Interactive games. Select level and language from the drop down list, then click on ‘ Play Game ’ button next to it. The game list will appear below, select the game by click on the   play button and now, have fun!

I’ve registered as a member. Why can’t I login to the interactive games?

Interactive games are only exclusive for children who registered under MRC programs. To apply, please contact 03-41498878.